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Complete Fixed Bridge
Prosthodontist Rochester, NY

A rendering of a jaw with dental bridge at Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester in Rochester, NY.If you or someone you love has suffered the loss of multiple or even all of your teeth, complete fixed bridges may provide the solution that you have been searching for. The effects of losing even just one tooth can be catastrophic. Eating can become much more difficult. Surrounding teeth will often become much more unstable, causing shifting. And since food constantly gets caught in the opening created by the missing teeth, it is very difficult to keep your mouth clean. This can lead to infection and other serious dental health concerns. Here at Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester our oral wellness expert can make sure that these things don’t happen to you.

Non-removable Complete Fixed Bridges and How They Work

Complete fixed bridges are some of the most reliable and functional options when it comes to replacing an entire jaw or an entire mouth of teeth. Unlike partial bridges which are made to attach themselves to existing teeth, increasing support and stability for the entire area, there are no existing teeth left to join with. Therefore, a complete bridge must be created and placed into the patient’s mouth to provide a full row of teeth.

Deciding if They Are Right for You

In the cases where complete fixed bridges are usually the best option, either the patient has already lost all of their teeth on their upper or lower (or both) jaws or the ones which are remaining are in no condition to have a partial bridge attached to them. In this circumstance the remaining teeth will need to be removed to make way for the complete replacement appliance which is coming.

The Placement Technique for Complete Fixed Bridges

The implantation and restoration procedure takes place over a period of time. The first step will be the evaluation of your condition by our experienced doctor. This includes oral exams, X-rays, scans, as well as anything else that may be required to get a full and complete prognosis of your situation. After that, if it is determined that you are a good candidate for the treatment, it will take place in the form of two minor procedures.

In the first one, any remaining teeth will be removed and then incisions will be made for the implants. Once they are in place and sutured, the patient is sent home to begin the healing and fusing process. How long this takes will depend greatly on the overall condition of your oral health and how well you respond to the first stage of the treatment. Once you are ready for the next procedure, you will return and have the incisions reopened, exposing the implants. Once another short round of healing takes place, you will come in for one final impression and your dental imprint will be used to custom-fit the perfect bridge for you.

What to Expect After

Among the obvious benefits of having this procedure done is the fact that it will greatly improve your oral health and function. But beyond that you can expect to have renewed confidence and self-assuredness, as well as a better overall state of wellness, both physically and emotionally.

To discover whether you are a good candidate for non-removable, complete fixed bridges, just give us a call by dialing (585) 673-7702. Your dental professional here at Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester are always ready to help our patients with any need.
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Complete Fixed Bridge - Prosthodontist Rochester, NY - Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester
If you have suffered the loss of multiple or even all of your teeth, a complete fixed bridges may be the best solution for you! Call Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester today!
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