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Rochester, NY

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It is a pleasure for me to write this letter. Doctor Isaac Kuyunov is a consummate professional: well-mannered, knowledgeable, attentive to patients' needs and meticulous in constructing dental impressions and appliances.

I am blessed that my dentist recommended him. My dream was to have a whiter, more aesthetically pleasing smile. Doctor Kuyunov knew exactly what was needed. He thoroughly discussed options and procedures. All questions were answered. The journey was lengthy and involved numerous appointments. My case required two gum surgeries; the tissue required time to heal. These surgeries were well worth the wait. The result was an attractive finished arc of aligned teeth. My new teeth are bright, comfortable and natural-looking. I no longer show too much gum. I could not ask for a better result.

I must note that Doctor Kuyunov was kind enough to work around my schedule. I did not want to be absent from my job, so he unselfishly agreed to book my appointments on Sunday afternoons.

I highly recommend Doctor Kuyunov. Not only is he a gifted prosthodontist, he is a man of exceptional character and integrity. He and Mira rank high on my list of outstanding people. I will never forget their patience, decency and good humor. I remain eternally grateful as I wish them many years of good health, success and prosperity.

Christopher B.

Dr. Isaac Kuyunov is perhaps the most talented, skilled, dedicated and methodical perfectionist practitioner of Prosthodontics Dentistry there is! When you have exhausted all the other dental “experts” and are still in need of the dentures that mirror the function and comfort of the real teeth, then Dr. Kuyunov is the one to go to!

My nearly 90-year-old mother struggled for 19 months to find dentures that did not create gum sores or did not slip when chewing. Because of the natural aging process, my mother had experienced bone loss in her jaws along with massive gum loss, wherein, her dentures would slip and fall out. Her dentist, whom she had always gone to for new dentures over the last 25+ years was at a loss as to how to compensate for the bone loss and produce dentures that would work and stay in place. Implants were not an option and were a very risky proposition. For nearly 12 months of adjustments and 2 new sets of dentures did not solve or mitigate the issues.

Dr. Kuyunov was recommend, and within 4.5 months he created what my Mother said they were the “very best dentures I ever had”. Note: my Mother had a full set of upper dentures since in her middle thirties. This Fall was the very first time in nearly 20 years where my mother was able to eat ‘corn on the cob’. A feat that those with teeth may take for granted. That ability happened because of the amazing work of Dr. Kuyunov.

The term “Genius” is too often used to describe the very best there is. In my experience, that moniker does not fully describe Dr. Kuyunov. He is the embodiment of a miracle worker.

Michael G.

Dr. Kuyunov is truly fantastic. Calm, detail-oriented, collaborative, excellent at his craftand really listens. I finally have the smile I've always wanted, and it looks totally natural, which was a top priority for me. Mira is a joy to work with as well - I recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for the best.

Catherine H.

Dr. Kuyonov is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He is up to date on the newest treatments. He is very honest, polite, and will work hours and hours to get dentures and implants perfect for your mouth. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs work done. Thank you, Dr. Kuyunov, for you and your office for being professional and nice.

Stephen W.

As a retired dentist I was very pleased with my recent treatment. The office was clean, the staff was very professional and Dr. Kuyunov was able to complete the procedure with care. I would highly reccommend this practice for prosthodontic treatment

Michal W.

My father’s experience with Dr. Kuyunov was excellent. My father came to visit me from out of the country and needed a new denture. My father’s English is broken. However, Dr. Kuyunov was very patient and ensured my father understood every step of the treatment plan. He was kind and professional, and the results were perfect. We highly recommend Dr. Kuyunov for his professional treatment, knowledge, kindness, and care.

Greta D.

I was very pleased with the prompt and courteous service that I received and with the quality of my dentures. In addition, I appreciate the office's dedication to getting it right- recognizing the importance of the goodness of fit. I would definitely recommend your services to family and friends.

Mysti G.

100% recommend. Got a crown from them because the crown I got from my regular dentist kept falling off… the crown looks amazing, can’t even tell it’s not my real tooth, and its actually staying on! They were also very nice and explained everything they needed to do well and why they were doing it.

Sally S.

I would recommend Dental Prosthodontics to any one. Dr. Kuyonov makes sure that all dental work is done perfectly and that the patient is satisfied with the work. Visiting the office is a very pleasant experience. Everyone is easy to talk to and very friendly!

Gabriela G.

Very enjoyable experience with with the doctor and his staff. Dr. Isaac is very professional and a good listener. Moreover, he is able and willing to explain the treatment extremely well. Mira is extremely patient, efficient and charming. I definitely recommend Dr. Kuyonov’s practice.

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