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Sleep Apnea Technology

White man resting comfortably in bed with a CPAP sleep apnea machine strapped over his mouth and nose Every industry has its tools of the trade and sleep dentistry is no different. At Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester, our office uses leading technology including instruments known as the pharyngometer and rhinometer as a way to test patients' oral and nasal airways. The pharyngometer is a tool that measures the oral airway while the rhinometer measures the nasal airway. Both send sound waves into the body's specific airways and measure the sound waves that are bounced back to help indicate the size of the airway as well as any issues located within. This unique technique is an ideal way to determine the location and severity of sleep-related snoring and breathing problems. Using this information, we can better determine the best course of action for each individual. If it's found that an oral appliance is needed, the data provided from the pharyngometry allows it to be designed as effectively as possible for the specific patient.

Process of Pharyngometry

The process of pharyngometry is quick, easy, and painless. A patient sits upright and places the pharyngometer into their mouth and between their teeth. As they move their jaw back and forth, sound waves measure the airway volume that is created. This allows the practitioner to determine the exact source and location of the airway problem. A bite guard is then put into the patient's mouth to estimate the placement of an oral appliance and help determine the best starting location to stabilize and open the airway. This allows for exact fitting of the oral appliance that will be made for the patient to wear. The test is mostly non-invasive and takes only a few minutes from start to finish.

Rhinometer Routine

A rhinometer is similar to a pharyngometer in that it is easy to use and causes minimal issues for the patient and operator. However, instead of measuring the size of a patient's pharyngeal airway, it allows for measurement of a patient's nasal patency. Sound waves are sent into the nasal passages and reflected back, offering a view of the airway including any blockage occurring inside. Patients with allergies, congestion, and a number of other upper airway issues can all benefit from this screening. The test is wholly non-invasive and can be done in under a minute.

Sleep apnea is a serious issue and one that you shouldn't hesitate to fix. Luckily, with our tools and technology at Dental Prosthodontics of Rochester you'll be on the road to recovery before you know it. Treatment for your snoring and sleeping disorders used to involve a series of unpleasant situations including a stay at an overnight facility away from your home. Now, with techniques and instruments like the pharyngometer and rhinometer at our disposal, we can offer you a quicker and easier approach to solving your sleep apnea issues than ever before.

If you or a family member needs a solution for sleep apnea, don't wait to call us today at (585) 673-7702 so we can start treatment as soon as possible.
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